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Latest News


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Welcome to the Parents Information page – here you will find out more about our fundraising initiatives and simple ways in which you can help support us.

For those of you on Facebook, please ‘Like’ us @BellFarmFriends to keep up to date with the latest information.

Our events and newsletters are sent out via your child’s book-bag and are printed on very distinctive yellow paper and feature our Friends logo. There are also usually copies of all our letters in the letter rack in the main reception area. All official school communication comes out on white paper with the Bell Farm logo.


Our events are a great way to raise much needed funds for our school, but in-between these, with your help, we are able to continue to raise money with minimal effort! Take a look at our current schemes:

Easyfundraising – This is one of our oldest and most consistent fundraising tools. By making your usual purchases either through the easyfundraising app or via the website – you earn us cashback! It comes at no cost to you, there are thousands of retailers affiliated with the programme and most importantly, no data exchanges. Your  personal information is kept safe with this trusted, secure site.

Stamptastic If (like us!) you dread labelling all of your child’s uniform and belongings, this is an amazing product to permanently name ALMOST EVERYTHING! They are PTAUK approved and have a great reputation. Plus as a huge incentive, every purchase you make raises a fantastic 30% cash back for Bell Farm when quoting: BELL

Micro Scooters – We love Micro Scooters. Not only are they great fun for all ages (parents included!) they are a wonderful way to keep active too. If you are looking to purchase your first, upgrade to a larger one, or buy accessories, we receive cashback for EVERY purchase made. All you have to do is quote our unique school reference number: 125058 

Hopscotch Shoe Boutique – If only one pair of school shoes would last! Realistically this is not going to happen and our friends at Hopscotch in Molesey can help you. If you would like a professional yet personal experience then this is the shop for you. Offering a great range for all the family and a family loyalty scheme, as well as donating to our school for every purchase!


What can I do to help?

This is the question that we LOVE to hear from our parents! In reality, there is always something to do – from the smaller, infrequent tasks such as collecting donations, tombola ticketing and wrapping gifts right up to more interactive jobs like helping set-up, chaperone or run events like our discos or fairs. Like many PTA’s, we do much of our work behind the scenes and are always looking to the next event or activity. If you think you would suit committee based role, or would prefer to attend meetings to offer your insights, that is all valued by us. In short, any offer of support or help is hugely appreciated as we are aware that as parents we are all busy and time can be very hard to find.


Class Reps

One of our strengths is the Class Rep system. For every class we have between one and three volunteers that liaise with us to ensure that the voices of the parents are heard and their feedback/suggestions taken into the meetings. This is a fantastic way to acquaint new parents in the Lower School and help form friendships that last throughout your time at Bell Farm. Class Reps also set-up and monitor the year/class Facebook page and communicate information from The Friends and school to all parents. Each class is also responsible for the running of a stall at both the Christmas and Mayfair; so this contact is vital to ensure that everyone is on hand to help as even a 15 minute slot on a stall means a lot and enables everyone to enjoy the festivities!


It’s not what you know, it’s who you know!

Now this is something that can elevate our fundraising beyond all expectations! With a school full of a fabulous mix of parents, your skills, contacts and companies could potentially enhance our events and day to day running. If you have any skills such as floristry, cake-making, carpentry or building and would be in a position to volunteer your time; we could utilise this and incorporate it into our activities. If time is difficult to find but you would like to offer assistance, perhaps you work for a company that has a local charity support programme, could offer services, prizes or sponsorship for events or is part of the match funding scheme? If so it would be great to hear from you.

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Friends of Bell Farm c/o
Bell Farm Primary School
Hersham Rd
Surrey KT12 5NB

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Contact us

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